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“Thank you for this life changing class!  I look forward to using these tools to learn, grow, heal, and hopefully blossom into the me that I have always wanted to be!  I like it all but one of my favs was the meditation.  I am so grateful that our paths have crossed”

– Morella I. Villavicencio


First and foremost Kathryn is an incredible human being-soul,

with an immense quality for empathizing and listening intently. 

Everything she does, she does wholeheartedly, genuinely and that shows! 

She has the best qualifications as the wellness and massage expert she is. 

With a clientele base that loves her, not only because she's the best at what she does,

but also for her kind, gentle, and loving disposition. 

As a Life Coach, she brings her own personal story with endearing vulnerability;

which makes her very relatable and easy to open up to. 

She embarked in this Personal Development journey in order to support

not only the ones that have traveled the same path, but everyone that wants to become the best version of themselves by learning to love ourselves!

–Joshua Finch


“I had a wonderful experience taking this creative workshop. 

I am actively practicing creativity

and love the exercises that we were given. 

And I enjoy being around others that are seeking and taking the next steps

to love and grow their minds and souls. 

I am grateful for our journey together. 

I learned a lot about myself and creativity. (4).png


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