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How to Overcome Anxiety and Stop Obsessive Thinking

Updated: Apr 4

Have you ever had to make a decision that tore your heart out…but you knew it needed to be done?

I know that feeling.

Almost 29 years ago, I made the hardest decision of my life by placing my son for adoption.

A little over a year ago, I found him.

Our very first connection was a message through Ancestry and since then we have progressed to emailing each other and messaging through WhatsApp.

While I am so excited to be connecting with him, the wait in between messages would fill me with anxiety. “When will I hear from him next?”, “Did I say something wrong”, “What if he doesn’t respond?”

I was excessively, intently, and persistently thinking about it.

This caused me both physical and emotional pain and began taking a toll on my body.

Can anyone relate?

I have found what really gets me anxious, most of all, is WORRY.

Worrying about the future, about things that likely were not true, or were not even going to come to fruition!

When I find myself feeling anxious, I utilize the 5 Senses Check-In.

Follow the steps below with me now:

Step 1. Find a comfortable place to sit and start taking some nice, long, deep breaths in and out, following your breath as it expands your lungs on the inhale, and letting go and releasing on the exhale.

Step 2. Feel your body as you are seated. Notice how your clothes feel against your skin. Gently rub your hands together. Glide your fingertips across your skin. Become fully aware of the sense of TOUCH.

Step 3. Now look around the space you are in. Notice the colors, shapes, shadows. Become fully aware of the sense of SIGHT.

Step 4. Now listen to the sounds around you. Perhaps you hear the gentle roar of your air conditioner. Maybe you hear cars passing by. Perhaps you hear the rustle of leaves in the trees. Take it in and become fully aware of the sense of HEARING.

Step 5. Now take a deep breath in through your nose and notice the scents you smell. Perhaps you smell food cooking. Or maybe a room air freshener. Or the scent of fresh cut grass. Take another deep breath in and become fully aware of the sense of SMELL.

Step 6. Finally, put a piece of candy or food in your mouth. Let it sit in your mouth as you notice the taste. Then chew it and again become aware of the way it tastes. Is it sweet? Sour? Salty? You can also do this step without food by running your tongue across your teeth. Becoming fully aware of the sense of TASTE.

How do you feel? Did you worry about the future or regret the past?

No! Because it is impossible!

The next time you feel anxious, try this technique and if you want more of the tools that help me let go of worry, click here to receive my article 3 WAYS OF LETTING GO OF WORRY & COMING HOME TO THE PRESENT MOMENT.

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